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The Severed Arm of the Almighty

Imagine the trauma of having your forearm torn off by a crocodile like this man Chang Po-yu (a zoo veterinarian). Through the skillful work of medical professionals, Chang’s arm was recovered from the animal and then re-attached. But reattachment was only the first part of the process of his recovery; restoration to full functionality would be the obvious second stage. But unfortunately in Chang’s case, eight months after the forearm was re-attached there was still no functionally as the arm continued to wither. So it is with our Heavenly Father and His forearm He calls mankind. We were violently torn from Him by the great Serpent the Devil and miraculously, those who have called out to Him have been re-attached. As good as this part of the story sounds, this is only the first stage of our recovery. The second stage is more difficult to comprehend for those who have begun a new life with Him. As with the severed forearm, there will be very little or no mutual feeling between us and the Father. As it is with the severed arm, blood flow (the silent work of His spirit) is more important than how we may be feeling on this earth.

But as time goes on, the fingers at the end of the forearm may begin to feel a sensation, and later, more feeling may return. The brain might send a signal to move the finger and after many longs months, the finger finally obeys! But even this is just the beginning of the forearm’s recovery. Our relationship with our Heavenly Father is much the same. We are like a severed arm re-attached to the Almighty. He bears with us even though we are in many ways the disobedient arm; not because we are in rebellion against him. No! It is because we, in our present state, are simply unable to detect the signals that resonate from His mind in an effort to reach our souls. He speaks and we do not hear, and although we do not rise up and do His bidding when He calls, He He could not bear to throw away an integral part of Himself. 

And what is it that we shall become? Consider that the Law of Moses is both a revelation of nature our Heavenly Father and also a prophecy. All of the commandments He uttered, all that Moses wrote down, we will eventually become. Every commandment that shows dislike for sin will be how we will feel about that sin. Every commandment is an impulse from Him and is a prophecy of something we are going to do. How will this restoration look in real life? Look to His son Jesus. He is the full representation of the perfect man who reflected the Law of His Father to the end. But in contrast, here we are hanging lifelessly on the fathers shoulder unable to move as He intends and why? Consider that there are thousands of nerve endings that connect the brain to the forearm. Restoration to functionality takes place as each nerve ending is attached. Now consider that there are 613 aspects of the Fathers character that need to be restored for mankind to regain full functionality as His sons and Daughters. As His spirit of healing moves over you, do not resist as He prompts you to keep His commandments. Do not set limits upon what the mind of the Almighty intends to accomplish in the healing of your soul. “The Torah of YHWH is perfect, reviving the soul.” (Psalms 19:7)

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