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The Sorry Side of Martin Luther You Don't Often Hear About...

The poster you see was created at the height of anti-semitism in Germany. The eyes of the nations were directed to the following quote written by Martin Luther written at the later part of his life. The sentiments greatly contributed to the persecution of the Jews of Europe. 

My advice, as I said earlier, is: First, that their synagogues be burned down, and that all who are able toss sulphur and pitch; it would be good if someone could also throw in some hellfire… Second, that all their books– their prayer books, their Talmudic writings, also the entire Bible— be taken from them, not leaving them one leaf, and that these be preserved for those who may be converted…Third, that they be forbidden on pain of death to praise God, to give thanks, to pray, and to teach publicly among us and in our country…Fourth, that they be forbidden to utter the name of God within our hearing. For we cannot with a good conscience listen to this or tolerate it…He who hears this name [God] from a Jew must inform the authorities, or else throw sow dung at him when he sees him and chase him away”.

– On the Jews and Their Lies -Luther’s Works Volume 47.

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